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Hello! You have stumbled upon Kesshin, an information and semi-fan site of the anime Prince of Tennis. Well, I think most of you know the drills: menu on the right, comments on the left, other stuff you can find on your own.

Yay! A new layout at last! Does this mean my web skills are up a notch? ^^;;; Maa, I think it's too big -_- (the banner and the tables) but anyway... no use crying over spilt milk, especially when I don't remember how I came to this layout anymore.... x_X;

Please be reminded that Kesshin mainly discusses the anime and stuff found in it. Since I have no time (or is too lazy) to read the manga, I can hardly compare them. Although, I have added information regarding other sides of TeniPuri, like the Musical, the upcoming Live Action Movie, the seiyuu events: RajiPuri and Perfect Live.

Also, since I am such a biased evil person... stuff like favoritism (lol!) and yaoi pairings might insert their way into most of my entries, so please consider yourself warned. I am thinking of hosting fanfics and fanarts and other rambles here, so if you're interested, please let me know ^_^

All information contained in this site were researched extensively by me, and the sources where I got them are credited at my links page. If there's any error in my info, please tell me. And please do not take any images in this site. All my images were painstakingly screencapped, scanned, resized and edited by me. So please...there are better galleries out there. ^^ Well, in the case of the chibi may take them as you like, since I didn't edit them anyway.

<3, nikki hiiragizawa

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