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rokkaku tennis team

Rokkaku has a rich success history of qualifying in the Kantou Regionals. Their tennis club regulars are mostly kids who have learned the game when they were still children. Their rackets were wooden and custom-made by their coach. Although they have been always facing Seigaku in different matches and training camps, Rokkaku has forged a strong bond with the rival school ^^.

Location : Kantou - Chiba

Coach : Ojii

At first, Ojii seemed to be just an ordinary old man who is confused with his decisions. After all, he chooses his regulars and his captain/vice captain by random choice ^^; However, he had been coaching Rokkaku's team for a long time and had been making the rackets for them. His decisions and comments are probably back-upped by experience, observation and wisdom.


aoi kentarou

Seiyuu : Toyonaga Toshiyuki
Seiyuu's Other Works : has starred as Katou Kachiro from Tenimyu 1 up to Dream Live 3rd
Year : freshman
Height : 165 cm
Birthday : December 20
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Cord Ball
About Him:
At a young age, Aoi became the captain of the formidable Rokkaku team according to Ojii's judgment ^^. He's a very talkative lad, always excited about simple things. He does havetalent, though and although he no techniques to call his own, he controls the ball well and can make it land on the same spot repeatedly. He uses a hexagonal-shaped racket with hexagonal holes in order to make returning balls easier. Looks like another return genius was born in Rokkaku xD.

saeki kojirou

Seiyuu : Arima Katsuaki
Seiyuu's Other Works : Haruto Houjo (Haunted Junction), L'Tiangle (Rave Master), Guildias (Enzai /BL/)
Year : senior
Height : 174 cm
Birthday : October 1
Hand : left
Signature Techniques :
About Him:
Saeki Kojirou. Ahem, the pretty boy of Rokkakku is their vice captain. This guy is Fuji's childhood friend (does that mean some of Fuji's evilness might have rubbed off to him? Or the other way around? ^^). Anyway, Fuji once beat him in tennis, so he intends to pay back in full when they played against each other. He studied kendo in order to predict his opponent's moves, which he does really well.

kurobane harukaze

Seiyuu : Ohguro Kazuhiro
Seiyuu's Other Works :
Year : senior
Height : 184 cm
Birthday : September 29
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : power tennis
About Him:
Kurobane Harukaze or "Bane-chan" as the children fondly call him, is a service genius in the making. He's really good at doing fast serves. His reflexes also makes him fast enough to chase after balls. He also specializes in power tennis like Kawamura, and can return heavy and fast shots like Hadoukyuu easily. He seems to be a serious fellow and gets mad when his doubles partner makes silly jokes *^^*

amane hikaru

Seiyuu : Takeuchi Kosuke
Seiyuu's Other Works :
Year : junior
Height : 180 cm
Birthday : November 22
Hand : right
Signature Techniques :
About Him:
Amane "David" Hikaru is Bane-chan's doubles partner. He is the owner of the super long racket which makes him a return expert. He was also the Hyoutei Hyakuningiri (defeated 100 pre-regular players from Hyoutei). He's really cool...if only he'd keep himself from doing stupid wordplay jokes like "Ojii wa maji?" (Is Ojii serious?). I think he likes rhyming words best, and laughs at himself...even though no one got the joke. He must have suffered a lot of injuries from Bane-chan's kicks xD.

itsuki marehiko

Seiyuu : Hasu Takehiro
Seiyuu's Other Works : Maeda Hayato (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Year : senior
Height : 174cm
Birthday : August 31
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Sinker Ball
About Him:
Itsuki Marehiko is Saeki's doubles partner against Fuji and Kikumaru. He's really an odd person, asking questions endlessly and puffing smoke from his nose ^^; However, he is a serious observant when playing and would follow Saeki's advice while supporting him. He can do sinker balls, which totally removes the spin from the ball, making it hard to return.

kisarazu ryou

Seiyuu : Takahashi Hiroki
Seiyuu's Other Works : Kikumaru Eiji (Prince of Tennis ^^;), Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)
Year : senior
Height : 168 cm
Birthday : November 20
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Sky High Volley
About Him:
Kisarazu Ryou is actually Kisarazu Atsushi's (St. Rudolph) twin brother. He was supposed to be the one who will be scouted by Mizuki, but the ever flawless Mizuki actually got mixed up xD. Although it's kinda expected that he will have some kind of rivalry with his brother (Like the Fujis... Yuuta's POV only ^^), they really seem to get along well xD. Thanks so much to Chiharu-Hime, Namiko Higashino and KC for the info about this guy ^_^.

Shudou Satoshi (no info as of now)