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Here are the stats for the Japanese-American Goodwill Games that was shown in the anime. This occurred after the Junior Selection Camp. ^^ Stats will include player names, scores, and techniques (if any) use. Please do no repost this on any other site. Thanks xD If there are any corrections, please do inform me ^_^

A. Doubles 2: Sanada-Atobe vs. Cassidy-Lee
Score: 7-5; Japan's Win
Atobe: Hametsu e no Rondo, Tannhauser Serve, Hametsu e no Tango
Sanada: Hametsu e no Tango, Mienai (Invisible) Swing, Mienai Serve
Cassidy: Shotgun Volley, Bull Rope Serve

B. Doubles 1: Kikumaru-Oshitari vs. Griffith Brothers
Score: 6-7; Japan's Loss
Kikumaru: Kikumaru Beam, Kikumaru Bazooka, Acrobatics
Oshitari: Higuma Otoshi

C. Singles 3: Sengoku vs. Max
Score: 6-6; null

D. Singles 2: Fuji S. vs. Ignashov
Score: 6-4; Japan's Win
Fuji: Higuma Otoshi, Tsubame Gaeshi

E. Singles 1A: Kirihara vs. Smith
Score: incomplete game
Kirihara: Phantom Ball
Smith: Rising Shot

F. Singles 1B: Echizen vs. Smith
Score: 7-6; Japan's Win
Echizen: Drive B, Cyclone Smash
Smith: Twist Serve, Drive B, Drive A, Zero Shiki Drop Shot, Illusion, Higuma Otoshi, Phantom Ball, Mienai Swing