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Here is a glossary for other terms (places, names, things) that cannot be categorized as main characters or techniques from the series. Some of the spellings might be wrong since I am not good with translating for Japanese ^^; Please correct me for some errors. I took these info by watching the series and taking notes, so please do not post this glossary as your own. Thanks!

A - Hamburgers : a fast food chain Momoshiro and Echizen (as well as all of them later on ^^) frequents.

Aozu : One of Inui's scariest creations. It is blue and smells like strong vinegar. No one is spared from the juice, even those who really likes drinking it ^^.

Arena Tennis Courts : the venue for the Kantou Tennis Tournament.

Aritamin A : The drink Ojii drinks a lot.

Beat : Atobe's dog

Big Bad City : the book Tezuka frequently reads in Germany

Bin-bon Tennis Courts : a tennis center Echizen and Tezuka frequents. This is where you find the machine that throws out tennis balls for return practice.

Deka Man : the meat bun store Momoshiro frequents.

Dunlop Fort : the tennis ball brand Seigaku uses.

Haritatsu : the racket stringer Echizen and Sakuno went to. The stringer's name is Tatsugoro Tenmon.

Guillain-Barre Syndrome : Yukimura's sickness that made him undergo surgery.

Hirosue : the restaurant where Kawamura, Yuki, and Akutsu met (well, them including Echizen, Momo, Kikumaru, and Inui ^^)

Hanno General Hospital : where Tezuka goes to have his elbow checked

Houjyo High : the school Ginka Chuu beat during the district eliminations.

Inui Special Yasai Juice : Inui's green juice he used to threaten the members with in the Kantou Tournament.

Kaki no Kizaka Tennis Garden : the venue of the tournament Echizen was supposedly joining, but got disqualified off.

Karuizawa : where the Seigaku team went to undergo rigid training before competing against Rikkai Dai Fuzoku

Kristov Avenue : the location of the cafe where the Seigaku regulars were to meet on their trip to Munich.

Mitsumaru Sports : A sports shop that Seigaku (and Fudomine) frequents.

Morita General Hospita : Where coach Ryuuzaki was hospitalized.

Narita Terminal : airport where Echizen took his plane. (Flight 842 LA)

SKB Tennis Club : club where Seigaku trained in "Survival Mountain."

Sarujima Tennis School : where Fuji Yuuta initially studied tennis before joining St. Rudolph

Seishuundai : Echizen's, Momo's and Kaidoh's stop when they ride a bus (of course it's obvious that this is also where Seishun Gakuen is located ^^)

Shikinomori Sports Park : the venue for the Junior High Tennis District Tournament

Shishigaku Junior High : a school in Kyuushu where Tachibana of Fudomine initially studied

Sougou General Hospital : where Kawamura and Echizen were taken for treatment after their games with Fudomine.

Sparta Tennis Club : the tennis club in US where Echizen Nanjiroh and his wife, Rinko, first met.

Takadai Park : where Golden Pair reminisced their memories of being a doubles pair.

Takahashi Bookstore : where Ryoma bought his "Doubles for Beginners" book

Toaru Junior High : where Banda-sensei, coach of Yamabuki tennis club, coached before

Trun Prest : the rehabilitation center in Munich, Germany where Tezuka is staying.

Tsuchitani Hospital : the hospital where Tachibana of Fudomine and Yukimura of Rikkai are confined