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st. rudolph tennis team

St. Rudolph is a Christian school boasting of its elite tennis players (as Mizuki puts it). The tennis club manager and researcher, Mizuki Hajime, makes it a duty to scout tennis players with promising potentials from other schools and convince them to transfer to their school. Their play is made up of data taken from other players, making them not only a bad physical opponent, but as a psychological barrier as well. Their trainings, supervised by their manager, are different per player, depending on who they will have a match against.

Location : Kantou - Tokyo

Coach : unknown (Mizuki is not the coach, but he controls most of the players' movements)


mizuki hajime

Seiyuu : Ishida Akira
Seiyuu's Other Works : Gaara (Naruto), Athrun Zala (Gundam Seed), Satoshi Hiwatari (DNAngel)
Year : senior
Height : 166 cm
Blood Type : B
Birthday : May 27
Hobbies : Black Tea leaf selecting (?_?)
Favorite Food : vichyssoise, chilled Capellini pasta with caviar (so expensive -_-)
Favorite Subject : languages, namely Japanese, English, French and Spanish
Favorite Color : pure white
Hand : right
Play Style : all-rounder
Signature Techniques : Data Tennis
Shoe Brand : Prince Quick Step Ti (I think that the correct name of the shoes is Prince Quicktrac TI, since it's the only one nearest to Quick Step ^_^
Racket Brand : Yonex Muscle Power 7
About Him:
Mizuki is the acting coach and manager of the team. He rivals Inui in terms of collecting and processing data. Not only can he supposedly read his enemy's moves, he can also predict how the game will end! He plans ahead of everything and pushes his teammates around (Sasu ga Ishida-san...ahem...). He is a bit arrogant and has this way of being annoying while looking incredibly cool. His goal is to win no matter how dirty the tricks he uses are. On an interesting note, he has this habit of wearing flowery purple dusters when in the dormitory...nyahahahaha~

akazawa yoshirou

Seiyuu : Iwasaki Masami
Seiyuu's Other Works : Birdy (Bomberman Jetters), Hiyoshi Wakashi (:o),
Year : senior
Height : 178 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : August 3
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Multiple Balls
About Him:
Akazawa is the captain of the team. However, he's still being bossed around by Mizuki, even regarding his play styles. He deeply trusts Mizuki will make them win. He has good skills, and when he was placed in the doubles team, instead of his specialty: singles, he showed his versatility. Under pressure, he tends to snap, hehehe...and go ballistic. Hm. somehow, he reminds me of Arai from Seigaku xD.

fuji yuuta

Seiyuu : Tomita Makoto
Seiyuu's Other Works : Yoshidayama Jirou (School Rumble), Manjome Shouji (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)
Year : junior
Height : 170 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : February 18
Hobbies : playing video games (Gradius), frisbee
Favorite Food : cake, crepes, strawberries, curry with squash
Favorite Subject : math, physics
Favorite Color : silver blue
Hand : left
Play Style : aggressive baseliner
Signature Techniques : Rising Shot, Super Rising, Twist Spin Shot
Shoe Brand : Asics Advantage Task SX
Racket Brand : Wilson Hyper Prostaff 7.6 with rollers (i dunno if it's for the hair or what...kidding xD)
About Him:
Yuuta is the younger brother of Seigaku's tensai, Fuji Syuusuke. He's insecure with his brother being the tennis prodigy and him pushed out of the limelight, being only referred to as "Fuji's younger brother." He lives to beat his brother and proved the others wrong by training hard until he became known as the "left-hand killer," a player who specializes in beating the crap out of lefties. In the latter part, after seeing his brother and the Seigaku team perform, he slowly changed his views of Syuusuke and had grown closer to him. Mizuki has also taken a fancy to him and is most angry when he loses, or is most enthusiastic when he needs *ahem* training.

kaneda ichirou

Seiyuu : Kowahara Yoshihisa
Seiyuu's Other Works :
Year : junior
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : none
About Him:
Kaneda is Akazawa's doubles partner. He's usually quiet, but when they were under pressure, he has the ability to criticize his opponent's weakness and for a counter plan. He also helped Akazawa adjust to playing doubles.

kisarazu atsushi

Seiyuu : Tsuruoka Satoshi
Seiyuu's Other Works : Kabaji... (O.o)
Year : senior
Height : 168 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : November 20
Favorite Color : beige
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : none
About Him:
He is Yanagisawa's doubles partner. As opposed to his noisy partner, he is rather quiet and attacks without delay. He also looks cute in that red ribbon xD. The red ribbon was given to him by Mizuki in order to distinguish him from his twin, Kisarazu Ryou, from Rokkaku Chuu.

yanagisawa shinya

Seiyuu : Mori Norihisa
Seiyuu's Other Works : Tsuji (Princess Princess), Basara (Samurai Deeper Kyo), Yoshimi (DiGi Charat)
Year : senior
Height : 169 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : December 9
Favorite Color : indigo blue
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : none
About Him:
Yanagisawa is Kisarazu's doubles partner. He is good, and will be okay if not for his annoying voice and his "da ne" right after every sentence. ^^;; Maybe it's the reason why Momo "accidentally" hit him with the tennis ball. He is, although, a good comic relief xD