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This list is completed with the best of my efforts although some of them are not explained well. These techniques are those shown in the anime only. I may include some found in the manga and I will mark it as that found in the manga only. I don't know a thread about tennis and I am just following what they said in the anime. The techniques are arranged alphabetically. If you want to know which player does a certain technique, please look up their profiles in the index page. ^^ Also, please don't ask me to elaborate on these...we all know how exaggerated the techniques are in the series. LOL.

Ah-Un Strategy : a strategy used by Echizen and Momoshiro in doubles to stop confusion when they're hitting the balls in the center of the court. If one of them can hit the ball, he'll shout "ah!" and in recognition, his partner will reply "un!"

Australian Formation : used by the Golden Pair. A doubles formation with both the players situationed at the center of their court. With this formation the opponent cannot predict where they are moving, thus, will have difficulty returning the ball.

Aggressive Baseliner : a player type who stays at the baseline and attacks with power.

All Rounder : a player type who can do both back and net plays and has skills to maximize his playing abilities.

Body Vision : the ability to distinguish moving objects.

Boomerang Snake : used by Kaidoh. A lengthened version of Snake, this one involves hitting the ball that's near the edge of the court and making it curve around the pole of the net, under the umpire's seat, towards the back of the opponent's court. This is virtually impossible to return.

Buggy Whip Shot : a shot made by gesturing a big loop upwards centrifugally to create a super fast spin.

Bull Rope Serve : used by Cassidy. Performed by rotating the racket overhead before hitting the ball, causing the ball to "stretch" when hit.

Cannon Volley : used by Kiriyama. This is a smash performed near the net.

Counter Puncher : a player who stays at the baseline and hits the ball with strong, deep strokes until he sees a weakness in the opponent.

Cyclone Smash : used by Echizen. A super-fast smash done by twisting the body semi-clockwise before hitting the ball in order to give the body the power to return with such force.

Dangan (Bullet) Serve : a very fast and strong serve.

Dash Hadoukyuu : used by Kawamura. This is a Hadoukyuu variation that involves changing of posture from a crouch to a stride. This move cannot be used twice in a game.

Deep Impulse : a sealed technique of Shinjou. This technique is meant to detroy the opponent, starting with deep concentration and then hitting the ball with massive power. The ball is headed straight for the opponent in order to injure his face.

Disappearing Serve : used by Fuji. This technique is a serve that seems to "cut" the ball upon hitting the racket. The initial spin on the ball plus the force driven to it by the hit makes the ball fly straight and suddenly turn towards the side after it bounces, making it seem to 'disappear'.

Diving Volley : utilized by Kikumaru. This technique is performed with acrobatics by having the player jump forward as if in a dive, hit the ball softly just so it bounces to the opponents' court and ending the jump with a cartwheel ^^;;.

Double Approach : performed by Fukawa-Izumi doubles pair of Gyokurin. This is executed by having both players approach the net, making ball return difficult for the other team.

Drive A : used by Echizen. This is described simply as a drive volley without any warning at all (i.e. from point blank)

Drive B : used by Echizen. This is a drive volley that uses sliding and jumping in order to return a fast, sinking ball. The returned ball bounces twice on the opponent's court, making the "B" shape.

Dunk Smash : used by Momoshiro. This is a very powerful smash that involves jumping in the air with a slight backward movement and then moving the body forward to hit the ball with the power gained from the stretch.

Duo Union : used by the Tanaka Twins. This is a doubles technique that involves laying the rackets on top of each other in order to return a powerful smash.

Eastern Grip : gripping the racket as if you were about to shake hands

Golf Swing : used by Yagyuu. This is a powerful shot that is a variation of a golf swing, only with the arms a moved a little upward in order to catch a rising ball.

Hadoukyuu : Used by Ishida and Kawamura. This is a one-hand power return that makes the ball stay on the racket for a split second, absorbing all the power of the arm before bouncing off towards the enemy's court. Dangerous if used more than once.

Hakugei : means something like "white whale" and used by Fuji. This is used when the wind is blowing on the player's face. The ball is returned with a strong backhand, causing it to suddenly lob and hit the back of the oppponent's court. What's unbelievable is that it bounces back to the server. It's called whale because of the shape it forms when flying to the oppponent and bouncing back to the server.

Higuma Otoshi : also know as "Bear Drop" and used by Fuji. This is a counter for smashes. The player's force gathered from turning away from the court enables the smash to be hit right before hitting the ground and lobbing it high in the air to end up hitting the back of the oppponent's court. This technique is impossible to return, except when using another Higuma Otoshi maybe.

I Formation : used by Kikumaru and Oishi. This is a variation of the Australian Formation, with both the players standing on the center of their court, but with the one in front crouching lower than the net to make service easier.

Ikkyuu Nyuu Kon : used by Ootori. This is a very fast scud serve. The name means "one shot to win."

Illusion : used by Smith. The ball is hit by the edge of the racket. Because of that, multiple outlines of the ball are seen. This hit does not make the ball bounce upon landing, but rather makes it spin rapidly on the ground.

Image Training : used by Kaidoh. A kind of training where one imagines that match to be played and thinks of how to react to opponent's attacks; it builds concentration and confidence.

Invisible Serve : (Mienai Serve) used by Sanada. A super-fast serve that is unreturnable except for those with good sight for moving objects.

Invisible Swing : (Mienai Swing) used by Sanada. A movement just like the Invisible Serve, but is used when returning balls.

Jack Knife : used by Momoshiro. This is a sharp, high level backhand that uses front foot jump and the body's pendulum-like movement for balance while retaining the ball on the racket for a split second and suddenly releasing it with power.

Jump Hadoukyuu : used by Kawamura. A hadoukyuu that utilizes the power of jumping, imitating a smash.

Kagerou Zutsumi : used by Fuji. A returning attack that removes any kind of spin on the ball, making the ball a sinker.

Kick Serve : used by Ibu. It is a weaker version of Twist Serve.

Kikumaru Beam : used by Kikumaru. This is a net play that involves hitting the ball with the racket stretched out at the back of the hitter. This is useful when an opponent read the movement of the player and returned the ball on the opposite direction the hitter is headed.

Kikumaru Bazooka : I have aboslutely no idea where Kikumaru got this from ^^;;;

Knuckle Serve : used by Kirihara and Fuji. This is a serve strengthened by squeezing the tennis ball with the knuckles. Because of this, the ball is given an irregular spin and only the server can tell where it will bounce. This is used by Kirihara to hurt his opponents.

Kohou : used by Sengoku. This is a serve for small framed players who can jump high. The ball here is hit at the highest point with the center of the racket, creating a powerful, downward shot.

Magic Volley : used by Jirou. This seemed to be a non-returnable net play.

Metal Pole Hit : used by Marui. This is a shot that aims for the metal pole holding the net. Once the ball hits the pole, it falls and bounces minimally. This is virtually unreturnable unless predicted.

Mirage : used by Shinjo. This is hitting the ball with fast or slow strokes alternately without changing one's stance. This is used to confuse the enemy as to whether he should use a stance to hit a hard, fast ball or to hit a slow, weak ball.

Moon Salute : used by Gakuto. This is an acrobatic technique that involves jumping high and cartwheeling in the air to hit a high lobbed ball.

Moon Volley : used by Oishi. It is a center lob topspin volley that drops the lobbed ball right on the line behind the opponents. This is a lob that's very high and difficult to return.

Multiple Balls : used by Akazawa. This is not really the name of the technique, rather it is what happens when the ball is hit with the top of the racket, making the ball seem to have "many edges." This is a counter plan against tennis players who has great ability to spot moving objects, making them confused with which ball to chase.

Nitouryuu : (Ambidextrous) Used by Echizen and Tezuka. A technique that involves exchanging the racket between the left and right hand. This is helpful when one arm is numbing or the ball cannot be reached with a backhand.

One Foot Split Step : used by Echizen. This is used to make returning easier. (I still don't know the complete details of this technique so...^^;;)

Phantom Ball :used by Kirihara, A hit that makes the ball disappear after bouncing. When the ball is hit by the player, a right spin is added that will hit the ball to the left court. This is usually used for southpaws because their view of the ball to be hit is different.

Pretender Tennis : used by Wakato. This involves "imitating" not only the techniques and style, but also the mannerisms and habits of various players in order to tire out the enemy. This would seem that the opponent is battling with many palyers instead of just one.

Quick Motion Serve : used by Kamio. It is a super fast served created by tossing the ball lower than usual and hitting it earlier.

Rondo Towards Destruction : (Hametsu e no Rondo) used by Atobe. This is double smash play, the first smash hitting the end of the opponent's racket, making him drop it, and the second smash hitting the ball as it bounces back in the air. This is supposedly a non-returnable shot if the first smash, the one intended to lose the opponent's grip, is successful.

Serve and Volley : a player type who has speed and reflexes to cope up with fast net play.

Short Snake : used by Kaidoh. This is a shortened version of Snake and is used the seal net play.

Shotgun Volley : used by Cassidy. fast smash attributed to agile reflexes and high jumping.

Shukuchi Method : used by Higa Chuu players. It is an Okinawan martial arts ability to sneak in when the opponent is not looking. The head does not change angles, so it creates an illusion that the plyer has reached the net in a split second.

Sinker : A ball that has no spin. Used by Itsuki.

Snake : Used by Kaidoh. It is a variation of Buggy Whip Shot and is a forceful shot created when the ball is hit just when the player is switching running from right to left foot (or vice versa) while returning. It curves the ball towards the center of the opponent's court.

Snake Hadoukyuu : used by Kaidoh. A combination of Boomerang Snake and one-hand Hadoukyuu. This is supposed to be unreturnable.

Sonic Bullet : used by Kamio. This is a high speed attack made with a posture just like the one used in Super Rising. The ball is given a massive underspin while the returner is running. The result is a ball that travels faster than sound, so the receiver can see it, but cannot hit it.

Spin Serve : used by Oishi. This is a good serve for confusing the enemies. The ball is "sliced" at an oblique angle, giving a fast spin on the ball. The racket hits the ball with a topspin, making it drop and then bounce suddenly, like the Twist Serve.

Spot : used by Ibu. This has double meanings. First, it is the technique used to spot the strained muscles in the opponent and make him hit alternate slices and topspins that would worsen the strain on the muscles. Second, it is the numbing sensation in the muscle that lasts for just a split second, making the muscle lose grip or control of its movements.

Stuttered Step : used by Echizen. This is a step that maintains a low posture when serving, volleying and returning balls. The ball is hit before it can even gain speed. The force used is the one the opponent applied on the ball, so no large pressure is given on the one using it.

Super Dunk Smash : used by Momoshiro. This is an extra strong smash that makes the ball stay on the ground for a while before bouncing.

Super Rising : used by Fuji Yuuta and Echizen. This technique prodices a very powerful return ball created by hitting the ball as soon as it bounces on the court. Less force is needed by the player, but it produces more force on the opponent.

Tango Towards Destruction : (Hametsu e no Tango) used by Sanada and Atobe. A doubles version of the Rondo towards Destruction, where the first player will smash the ball, letting the opponent return it, the other player hitting the ball towards the opponent's hand to make him drop his racket, and the first player once more smashing the ball.

Tannhauser Serve : used by Atobe. A serve imitating the Tsubame GAeshi's movement, where the ball seems to "crawl" on the court.

Tezuka Zone : used by Tezuka. It's a high level technique that makes the player move less and less while directing the ball towards him no matter where it is hit in his court. No matter how far the ball is hit, it will always spin and fly towards the center where the player is standing.

Thunderbolt : used by Oota. A doubles technique meant to return high lobs, this involves the smaller player jumping on the back of his bigger partner and jumping in the air to hit a lobbed ball. The height of the ball and the force of gravity makes the smash very powerful.

Tightrope Walking Ball : used by Marui. This is a shot that makes the ball hit and walk above the net before falling unpredictedly.

Tsubame Gaeshi : also known as "Swallow Return", performed by Fuji Syusuke. This technique is a counter slice shot that adds a super slice to the original topspin of the ball without reversing its spin, making the ball suddenly fly down deep into the court, and causing return to be virtually impossible.

Twist Serve : used by Echizen. This is a serve which gives the ball a left spin slice, making the ball appear to have a top spin as it hits the ground. It aims for the opponent's face.

Twist Serve Tornado : used by Echizen. A twist serve wherein the grip was adjusted in relation to the inclination of the tennis court in order to sharpen the ball's curve after it's bounce.

Twist Spin Shot : used by Fuji Yuuta. This is a technique that utilizes the power of the muscles in the arm and shoulder. By crouching low, the player can return the ball with more power, sending the ball soaring, dipping, and suddenly having an upward spin.

Western Grip : gripping the racket from above as if you just picked it off the ground.

Zero-Shiki Drop Shot : used by Tezuka. This is a sudden, unpredictable drop shot that cannot be returned because when the ball hits the court, it doesn't bounce, but rather rolls to the net, towards the one who hit it.