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This is a primer to the "Minna no Oujisama" game, a Prince of Tennis game released as GBA. There are many sites where you can download this game, but some of them are found in forums or pages that differ in content each time you check, so I am not going to offer links anymore. If you want, you can email me and I will try to provide you with a link ^^. There are no translated versions of the game, which means enduring the Japanese all throughout. However in "Minna no Oujisama" there is really no need to understand the language xD.

Minna no Oujisama


Minna no Oujisama is probably the only ROM developed for TeniPuri that has other games aside from tennis in it. ^^ In this game, you have to visit 6 schools namely: Seigaku, Fudomine, St. Rudolph, Ginka, Yamabuki and Hyotei. You have to play games with each school, and you have to finish all levels before you can get secret players to play with and other upgrades in the game.

I. Playing Seigaku
Seigaku is a fairly easy school to play. In here, you will meet Momoshiro, who will challenge you to play some sort of a tetris game with all of the Seigaku regulars except Tezuka. You will choose any Seigaku regular as your player and he will play against his teammates, including himself. ^^ The purpose of the game is to collect same-colored balls together in order to cancel them. You will have your cursor as a "flying case" which would choose one ball to move at a time. It's fairly easy, unless the other player is fast. ^^
Secret Character: When you finish all regulars, you can play against Tezuka at last. There is also an exhibition stage with Atobe and the Hyoutei players annoying you (gaah..Gakuto...). ^_^

the start of the game playing against echizen with the tetris-like game

II. Playing Ginka
Ginka's game is pretty familiar. ^^;; That is, you have to find the ball with Echizen's fance on it, under time pressure. There are also some confusions added, like a ball with Sakuno's face on it and another with a Ginka's player on it. ^^ It's a bit hard in the last levels, but you can finish it. ^^
Secret Character: There will be an additional ball with the coach's face on it! ^-^;

start of the game finding the face of echizen!

III. Playing Fudomine
This is one of the difficult games...especially if you don't like Dance Dance Revo ><. Here, you will be challenged by Kamio. Just like in DDR, you have to press the arrow keys as indicated in the screen. What's hard here is you have to play 5 Fudomine regulars and their songs which are either fast or very very fast ^^; Anyway, once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. ^^
Secret Characters: By ending the game, you will unlock the other regulars to play against, including Tachibana and his utterly hard to play song -.-

game start playing against ibu. his song was prolly one of the easiest against ishida. his was the easiest. nyahaha!
against kamio. my sis took about 2 weeks completing his stage. ^^; but it was pretty easy with practice against uchimura. he's a secret character, i think -.- against tachibana...arrrgghh...I haven't gotten even a C in his stage ><

IV. Playing St. Rudolph
Here, Mizuki will meet you and challenge to to a mind-boggler. That is, solving a puzzle of each of his teammates. What's hard about this is that it's a sliding puzzle, meaning you can't lift pieces up, but rather rotate and slide them left to right, top to bottom until they form a picture.
Secret Character: After finishing this, you can also solve puzzles of player from other schools like Seigaku.

start! the ducks look like Mizuki...o.0

V. Playing Yamabuki
It's my most hated part of the game...why? Well basically because it's Akutsu challenging you ("Are you running away, brat?"). The purpose of this game is to dodge the balls Akutsu will be serving. The hard part comes when he hits orange balls that twists from point blank. You must keep your health up until you can dodge 100 balls. Lucky Sengoku also helps by serving you a first aid kit once. Try not to be annoyed with Akutsu being noisy throughout the game -.-
Secret Character: When you finish this stage, the next time you play the game, your character won't be just a silhouette. Rather, it would be Kachiro-kun, and he will cry every time he gets hit with the ball! 0.o

this is the finished game. your character is kachiro, the one on the lower part of the screen.

VI. Playing Hyotei
This is the last school. Here, you will be challenged by Rokkaku's Davide/Amane to play against the Hyotei 100. You will play against 9 players at a time. You have to return the ball, and when your ball hits one of the players (they will always hit it no matter what) he'll disppear. When one row disappears, there will be another replacement until the 100 players are extinguished. You just have to return all the balls until you have no more enemies left. ^^
Secret Character: I think Atobe will appear later in the game the 2nd time you play it, but it's not yet confirmed since I haven't repeated it yet. ^^;

9 vs 1

At the end of the whole game, you are given permission to enter the centermost place in the map. You will now have the chance to talk with Sakaki, Hyoutei's coach. He will ask you a lot of questions. I have no info on this part since the conversation between you and him is Japanese, as well as his little conclusion for you. I think he will try to tell you which school you most belong to, considering your blood type, favorite stuff, hobbies, etc. ^^;