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higa tennis club

Higa Chuu faced Rokkaku and Seigaku in the National tournament. They are the so-called dark horse of Kyuushuu. They beat one of the top 4 schools Shishigaku easily, and are expecting to win the National Tournament without difficulty. The regular members practice Okinawan Martial Arts which make them move more easily and speedily.

Location : Kyuushuu - Okinawa

Coach : Saotome Harumi


kite eishirou

Techniques :
About Him:
Kite Eishirou is the captain of the power team of Higa. He's trained in Okinawan Martial Arts since he was young, and had trained the other regulars as well.

Chinen Hiroshi

Techniques :
About Him :
Chinen Hiroshi was Rokkaku's captain Aoi Kentarou's opponent in the National Tournament. He gave Aoi no chance to score as he returned all of Aoi's net balls skillfully.

kai yuujirou

Techniques :
About Him :
Kai Yuujirou was Saeki Kojirou's opponent in the National Tournament. He had difficulty against Saeki, but managed to win using Shukuchihou, a trademark style of Okinawan martial arts.