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rikkai tennis team

Rikkai Dai Fuzoku boasts of participating in the National Tournament for years. They have won the Kantou Tournament for the past 15 years. They won the National Tournament the previous year, too. They were feared by many, and yet they, too, are afraid of the onslaught of balance shifting. The year before, Tezuka Kunimitsu managed to scar Rikkai's pride with a loss, and Rikkai had been enthusiastic to show Seigaku their power once more. Their captain's injury was a handicap, but they also have their famed rookie Kirihara Akaya, up their sleeve. However, they were defeated and had to be second for the first time. This, however, does not discourage the team. After all, The National Tournament will be a different story, having their captain Yukimura back in the court again. ^^

Location : Tokyo - Kanagawa

Coach :


yukimura seiichi

Seiyuu : Nagai Yukiko
Seiyuu's Other Works :
Year : senior
Height : 175 cm
Blood Type : A
Birthday : March 5
Favorite color : aqua blue
Favorite Food : grilled fish
Hobbies : gardening
Hand : right
Signature Techniques :
About Him:
Yukimura Seiichi is one of the most feared Rikkai players. He is also the captain of the tennis team. He was unable to play against Seigaku due to a scheduled operation to cure his neural disease. In the National tournament, though, he is back and recovered, and is expecting a good match against Seigaku.

sanada genichirou

Seiyuu : Tachibana Daisuke
Seiyuu's Other Works : Ibiki Morino (Naruto),
Year : senior
Height : 180 cm
Blood Type : A
Birthday : May 21
Favorite Color : black and gray
Favorite Food : namekono miso
Hobbies : muscle training, shougi (Japanese chess), calligraphy
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Mienai (Invisible) Swing, Mienai Serve, Hametsu e no Tango
About Him:
Sanada Genichirou is the vice-captain of the team. Upon Yukimura's absence, the responsiblity of their teammates welfare and training were placed on him. His pride emanates with the desire to win against anyone, especially against the legendary Tezuka, the famed Atobe, and the rising Seigaku rookie Echizen Ryoma.

kirihara akaya

Seiyuu : Morikubo Shoutarou
Seiyuu's Other Works : Amano Ginji (Getbackers), Nara Shikamaru (Naruto), Kadaj (Final Fantasy 7 - Advent Children)
Year : junior
Height : 168 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : September 25
Favorite Color : red, blue, and yellow
Favorite Food : yakinuku, sushi
Hobbies : fighting games
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Knuckle Serve, Bloodshot Mode, Twist Spin Shot, Muga no Kyouichi, One-Foot Split-Step, Phantom Ball
About Him:
Kirihara Akaya was a famed rookie until Echizen Ryoma came. He planned taking on Tezuka but was faced with Fuji instead. When his pride has been trampled on, he turns into a demon (red eyes ><) and use techniques that will hurt his opponents. Still, his determination and his funny side are few things that make him cute despite his childish attitudes xD.

jackal kuwahara

Seiyuu : Hiyama Noboyuki
Seiyuu's Other Works : Hiei (YuYu Hakusho), Asagi Shougo (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), Hikitsu (Fushigi Yuugi)
Year : senior
Height : 178 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : November 3
Favorite Color : red
Favorite Food : coffee, yakiniku
Hobbies : horseback-riding
Hand : right
Signature Techniques :
About Him:
Jackal Kuwahara was originally a player from Brazil. He is a return genius, and can also imitate shots, like Kaidoh's Boomerang Snake. He is Marui Bunta's doubles partner. He has a strange habit of shaving his head before going on the court. ^^;

marui bunta

Seiyuu : Takahashi Naozumi
Seiyuu's Other Works : Inori (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de), Minazuki Yamato (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne), Momon (Konjiki no Gash Bell)
Year : senior
Height : 164cm
Blood Type : B
Birthday : April 20
Favorite Color : Red
Favorite Food : anything
Hobbies : going to hotel buffets (really...)
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Tsunawatari (Tightrope-walking ball), Techuu Ate (Iron Pole-Striking Ball)
About Him:
Marui Bunta is the cute doubles partner of Jackal. Unlike his partner who is a return specialist, he is more of the net play and techniques guy. He is a self-proclaimed tensai that has previously met problems regarding his stamina. This brought him to his habit of eating sweets before a game.

niou masaharu

Seiyuu : Masuda Yuuki (not to be confused with female Masuda Yuki)
Seiyuu's Other Works : Emperor Zhou (Soul Hunter), Daichi Misawa (Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), Espio (Sonic X)
Year : senior
Height : 175cm
Blood Type : AB
Birthday : December 5
Favorite Color : blue
Favorite Food : yakiniku
Hobbies : playing darts
Hand : left
Signature Techniques : Body Sense, Trick Play
About Him:
Niou Masaharu is Yagyuu's doubles partner. He's a guy that can see through the habits and smallest mannerisms of an opponent. By doing so, he can hit the ball at the weak spots and opposite directions the opponent is heading.

yagyuu hiroshi

Seiyuu : Tsuda Eisuke
Seiyuu's Other Works :
Year : senior
Height : 177cm
Blood Type : A
Birthday : October 19
Favorite Color : moss green
Favorite Food : tokoroten (transparent noodle from seaweed gelatin)
Hobbies : reading mystery novels
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Golf Swing
About Him:
Because Yagyuu Hiroshi is always cool and collected, he was nicknamed "The Gentleman." He was formerly playing golf, that's why his super shot is a varied form of a golf swing. He's Niou's doubles partner.

yanagi renji

Seiyuu : Takemoto Eiji
Seiyuu's Other Works : Ubogin (Hunter X Hunter), Frank Harlock, Jr. (Gun Frontier), Koji (Papuwa)
Year : senior
Height : 181cm
Blood Type : A
Birthday : June 4
Favorite Color : white
Favorite Food : food with weak flavors (I say, less spices and saltiness, perhaps?)
Hobbies : reading
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Data Tennis
About Him:
Yanagi Renji is Inui's childhood friend. They were formerly doubles partner. Because of this, they had never played against each other before and are so bent on defeating each other to see who is stronger.