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hyoutei tennis team

Hyoutei Gakuen is considered to be one of the strongest threats from Tokyo. Even Rikkaidai acknowledges their strength. Their tennis club alone is composed of 200 members, and the regular varsity team is never used unless it's essential. Their pride made them complacent that they would face Seigaku in the Kantou finals, but since they lost to Fudomine, they had to participate in consolation matches. When they were defeated by Seigaku in the Kantou tournament, they lost all hope of participating in the Nationals. However, since Tokyo was the host of the National tournaments, Hyoutei was recommended to participate in it, too.

Location : Kantou - Tokyo

Coach : Sakaki Tarou

Sakaki Tarou is the mysterious coach of the Hyoutei Tennis club. He presents himself to be a music teacher, but with his aura and questionalbe authority in the school, he seems more than that? ^_^ He believes in perfection and would remove any regular varsity player that lost in any interschool matches.


atobe keigo

Seiyuu : Suwabe Junichi
Seiyuu's Other Works : Monou Fuuma (X/1999), Greed (Full Metal Alchemist), Sting Oakley (Gundam Seed Destiny)
Year : senior
Height : 175 cm
Blood Type : A
Birthday : October 4
Favorite Color : gold
Favorite Food : roast beef, Yorkshire pudding
Hand : right
Play Style : all-rounder
Signature Techniques : Hametsu e no Rondo, Tannhauser Serve, Jack Knife
About Him:
Atobe Keigo is the captain of the 200 player Hyoutei Tennis Club. He is a national-leveled player, and is comfident about it ^_^. He has infinite interest towards Tezuka and ultimately aims to beat the Seigaku captain. He's a little too narcissistic and really points out his assets, making some people dislike him. Still, nothing can be said, since his confidence in himself is supported by rigid training, teamwork, and infinite resources ^.~

oshitari yuushi

Seiyuu : Kiuchi Hidenobu
Seiyuu's Other Works : Dr. Tenma (Monster), Satou Shigeki (Whistle!), Ren (NANA)
Year : senior
Height : 178 cm
Blood Type : A
Birthday : October 15
Favorite Color : grayish olive green
Favorite Food : Kasu-jiru, Sagoshikisuji
Favorite Subjects : Math, Chemistry, Technology and Design
Hobbies : watching love or romance movies
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Higuma Otoshi
About Him:
Oshitari Yuushi specializes in doubles (with his partner, Gakuto Mukahi). He's like Oishi in terms of abilities (not the motherly thing, though...) to give enthusiasm to his teammates. He has a rather attractive Kansai accent ♥ and always wears a smirk as if he knows something other people doesn't. ^_^; He seems pretty unnerved and quiet, except when faced with Amane of Rokkaku Chuu xD.

mukahi gakuto

Seiyuu : Hoshi Souichirou
Seiyuu's Other Works : Kira Yamato (Gundam Seed Destiny), Fuchoin Kazuki (Getbackers), Son Goku (Gensomaden Saiyuki)
Year : senior
Height : 158 cm
Blood Type : B
Birthday : September 12
Favorite Color : red
Favorite Food : fried chicken, nattou (fermented soybeans)
Hobbies : bungee-jumping
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Moon Salute, acrobatics
About Him:
Mukahi Gakuto is Oshitari's doubles partner. Oshitari, who is specialized in return shots, compliments the acrobatic Gakuto well. Gakuto is one level above Kikumaru in terms of acrobatic play, and he's annoyed with the way Kikumaru does acrobatics half-heartedly. However, similar to Kikumaru, he gets distracted easily, and loses his stamina faster than any other Hyoutei player. ^^

akutagawa jirou

Seiyuu : Ueda Yuuji
Seiyuu's Other Works : Suboshi/Amiboshi (Fushigi Yuugi), Rowen (Erementar Gerad), Sagara Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin)
Year : senior
Height : 160 cm
Blood Type : AB
Birthday : May 5
Favorite Color : orange
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Magic Volley
About Him:
Akutaga Jirou is one of those orange-haired players scattered everywhere xD. He seems to be narcoleptic at first, but he's really energetic and cheerful. Nothing seems to stun or excite him except when faced with a tough opponent. Since he's always sleeping, he always absent-mindedly play in his boxers only instead of wearing the correct tennis shorts ^^ (so you may observe, he has the only diff. pair of shorts, striped, in the Hyoutei team).

shishido ryo

Seiyuu : Kusuda Toshiyuki
Seiyuu's Other Works : Taiga Samejima (Idaten Jump), Ryushin's dad, assassin (Saiunkoku Monogatari), unknown role (Shadow Star Narutaru)
Year : senior
Height : 172cm
Blood Type : B
Birthday : September 29
Favorite Color : red, purple
Favorite Food : cheese sandwich, mint gum
Hobbies : billards
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Counter Rising
About Him:
Shishido Ryo is Ootori's doubles partner. He was defeated by Tachibana in the Hyoutei vs Fudomine match, and was about to be removed from the regulars when he begged Sakaki-sensei to keep him. He cut his beautiful hair and trained with Ootori. In my opinion he and Ootori are one of the best doubles pair ever. ^^;

ootori choutarou

Seiyuu : Namikawa Daisuke
Seiyuu's Other Works : Fye (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles), Getsu Toei (Card Saiunkoku Monogatari), Leonard Testarossa (Full Metal Panic! TSR)
Year : junior
Height : 185 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : February 14
Favorite Color : off-white
Favorite Food : beef casserole, shishamo
Hobbies : piano, violin
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Scud Serve
About Him:
Ootori Choutarou is Shishido's doubles pair and possibly his best friend, too. He supported Shishido and begged Sakaki-sensei to keep Shishido in the regulars. The same way, Shishido supported him by helping him control his power serve. As said before, I think their combination is one of the best in the series ^_^.

kabaji munehiro

Seiyuu : Tsuruoka Satoshi
Seiyuu's Other Works : Kisarazu Atsushi... o_o
Year : junior
Height : 190 cm
Blood Type : O
Birthday : January 3
Favorite Color : red, blue, and yellow
Favorite Food : pizza, gyudon
Hobbies : bottle ship-making
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : none
About Him:
Kabaji is Atobe's loyal slave. Sometimes I wonder if Atobe hired him or he is just dedicated (he even cleans Atobe's house and bathes Atobe's dog -.-). He barely speaks (Usu!) and doesn't really have a prominent attitude. He does well in power tennis, and as revealed recently, in acrobatics, too! >.< He can imitate moves once he sees it a few times.

hiyoshi wakashi

Seiyuu : Iwasaki Masami
Seiyuu's Other Works : Bidy (Bomberman Jetters), Digrash (Get Ride! AMDriver), Genpaku Hyuga (Yokai Ningen Bem)
Year : junior
Height : 172 cm
Blood Type : AB
Birthday : December 5
Hand : right
Signature Techniques : Enbu Tennis
About Him:
Hiyoshi Wakashi is a perfectionist. He believes in the "strong shall survive, weak shall die" thing. He uses martial arts in his tennis (although how, I don't know ^^). His habitual quote is "Gekokujou!"