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gyokurin tennis club

Gyokurin is one of the schools hoping to beat the 1st and 2nd seeds Seigaku and Kakinoki. However, they were unlucky enough to have matches with Seigaku first. Their doubles pair Izumi and Fukawa were confident that they could take at least one game from the number 1 seed, but they were proved wrong.

Location : Kantou - Tokyo

Coach : unknown


izumi tomoya

Techniques : Double Approach
About Him:
Izumi Tomoya and his doubles pair are the only ones whose fight was shown in the anime. There is not much known about them. They, although, defeated Momoshiro and Echizen once in street tennis and he and his partner are confident that they can beat the two in a formal game.

fukawa kimiyoshi

Techniques : Doubles Approach
About Him :
Fukawa Kimiyoshi is Izumi's doubles partner. ^^ The games their teammates played were not shown in the anime.