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Tennis no Oujisama the Musical 3

Musical Tennis no Oujisama - More than Limit St. Rudolph (ミュージカル テニスの王子様 More than Limit)


Including Dream Live 1, this is the fourth of the musical series. It spanned the matches between Seigaku and St. Rudolph. It was shown on July in Tokyo and on August in Kobe. This is the first proper musical of the new Echizen Ryoma.

Cast: Seigaku

Echizen Ryoma: Endou Yuuya

Due to Yanagi Koutarou's long term therapy because of his accident (see Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine for more info), the cast introduced the new Echizen Ryoma, Endou Yuuya. Endou is a child star (?) and is a part of D-BOYS with Yanagi. He's a bit taller than Yanagi (168cm) but nevertheless fitting as Echizen. Aside from Tenimyu, he's also done a number of other works, namely a movie, Juvenile (2000), TV series like Yasha (2000 and he was still a cute little lad xDD), Churasan, Minimoni de Bremen no Ongaku-tai (2004), Medaka (2005), and Rocket Boys (2006, where he stars with Yanagi). He likes pro-wrestling and collecting sneakers. ^^

I admit that I expected more from Endou more than anyone else. I wasn't disappointed but there's something more lacking? Maybe he needs to practice singing some more? ^^;;; I like the way he did Drive seemed like an impossible-to-re-enact move...
Tezuka Kunimitsu: Ohkuchi Kengo

Since Takigawa Eiji was unavailable due to previous projects, Ohkuchi Kengo replaced him as Tezuka. Ohkuchi-san was also Aizen in Bleach Rock Musical. Ah..I don't know much about him x_X;; Gomen

By now you know I'm biased towards TakiEiji. ^^ So I cannot say Ohkuchi-san is better than him as Tezuka. He is a better singer though... <-- had difficulty saying it. Oh, he's not a bad's just know -_-v
Fuji Syusuke: Kimeru

Who doesn't know Kimeru? Tennis no Oujisama fans might know him as the one who sang You Got Game and Make You Free. Since he's already popular in Japan and outside, he made TeniMyu a very popular show. It's said that he's inspired by Hayao Miyazaki and Gackt (?). Having a powerful singing voice, good dancing skills, and sexy speaking voice (they say xD), he seems to be the perfect one as Fuji Syusuke. ^^

Once again, we saw Kimeru's prowess as Fuji. I just kinda felt uncomfortable when he was singing that piece with Tezuka and Yuuta. He seemed too girly o=>.<=o...
Inui Sadaharu: Aoyama Sota

Aoyama Sota seems to be not in the limelight before he joined the cast as the dataman Inui Sadaharu. Most of his projects were after his participation in the Musical Prince of Tennis. I haven't really checked his background but it is said that he starts in the mini movie "Holyland" (2005), Ultraman Max (?) (2005) and Death Note (2006). I think in Ultraman he's the Ultraman in human form o_o; (Kaito). He's Touta Matsuda in Death Note Live Action.

Yay! More Sota ^_^
Kaidoh Kaoru: Gomoto Naoya

Nothing much is known about Gomoto Naoya (or it's just me ^^;). He's really jolly, but when he's Kaidoh Kaoru, he's really into it 8O. He even "fushuus" absently when in backstage. He's casted as a seiyuu in Eyeshield 21 (as Seijuurou Shin).

Nao-chan is fun, too ^^. <-- trying to think of stuff to type here
Trivia: The bangs under his bandana is really fake o_o;; as we will find out in one of his dialogues with Momoshiro in DL1 ^^
Momoshiro Takeshi: Moriyama Eiji

Moriyama Eiji is a member of *pnish*, a group of stage actors, with Oishi's actor Tsuchiya. He's also a seiyuu in Prince of Tennis (Ibu Shinji) before he joined the TeniMyu Cast. He has not only been in Tenimyu but in other musicals as well such as One Piece. He's the perfect Momoshiro, in looks, singing, dialogues, and even movements ^^.

Momo is still as hyper as ever...especially after it was announced that he's gonna play doubles with fun ^^;;
Oishi Syuichiroh: Tsuchiya Yuichi

"Hi! Tuti desu~" is probably Tuti's (his nickname) slogan ^_^. He's a member of *pnish*, a group of stage actors, with Moriyama Eiji and has participated in a number of musicals. He's in Bleach Rock musical and in One Piece Musical. Although his hair looks like "it-must-have-been-hard-to-be-Oishi," he's the perfect Oishi in terms of dancing, attitude, and chemistry with Kikumaru ^_^

The Kikumaru and Oishi moments are fun. Oishi remained in character with little additions xD. Their little dialogue with Kawamura (with that "Datte, Oretachi wa Golden Pair dakara") is so funny ^^;;;. In sync...really? ^^;
Kikumaru Eiji: Nagayama Takashi

Nagayama Takashi is involved in lots of stage perfomances aside from TeniMyu like Rock'N Jam Musical, Bleach Rock Musical (as Hitsugaya) and When You Press the Switch (not sure about the title). He's also in several J-TV dramas like Fantasma: Noroi no yakata, Tennen Shoujo Man Next: Yokohama Hyaku-ya Hen and Another Heaven Eclipse. He has his own line of clothing and accessories named Blossam.

Nagayan was especially hyper in this myu. I like the way he portrayed an exhausted and energized Kikumaru ^^. Ah...he's becoming one of my faves...
Kawamura Takashi: Eiki Kitamura

Since Abe-san is busy with Les Miserables, Eiki-san replaced him as Taka-san. Eiki-san did roles in 1-Ichi and Waterboys (as a lifeguard, I think? o_o)

Maybe I'm close-minded when I thought no one can replace Abe-san as Kawamura. Eiki is okay, but his Burning!Mode is not that convincing. He's really funny though, and makes really great facial expressions xDDD.
Horio Satoshi: Ishibashi Yusuke

I do not have any info on this guy. I just know that he's a good Horio minus the annoying noise ^^. Well, generally, the Ichinen trio are very important in the musicals since they tell the story and give most of the comic relief ^^
Mizuno Katsuo: Hotta Masaharu

I don't know, but this guy always seem to be the butt of jokes. In backstage specials, everyone likes rubbing their hands on his head (maybe cos it's ticklish? o_o) and people always spoof him (ahem... KENN). ^^ He's really funny tho xDD.
Katou Kachiro: Toyonaga Toshiyuki

You may recognize this guy having small roles in movies like Battle Royale II and Densha Otoko Live Action. He is also a seiyuu, having voiced in Battle Royale TV and in Prince of Tennis OVA and Movie as Aoi Kentarou ^_^.

Hmm... all I know is that he's very Kachiro-like. Like...cutey Kachiro-like... ^^;

Cast : St. Rudolph Gakuen

Mizuki Hajime: Shiozawa Hidemasa

Shiozawa Hidemasa is probably more known as a supporting actor in the dizzying (because of so many naked men x_X) series Waterboys. He was also an actor in other dramas like Egao no Hosoku (2003), Lion-sensei (2003), and Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi (2004). He is also a member of the new idol group Jamming Flow. There was an NTT commercial with him in it, but I don't remember it very well. ^^

I saw him in the musical first before I checked out his profile, so when I watched More than Limit I was like... "OMG...Mizuki incarnation!" He is totally one of my faves in TeniMyu. He's just sooo...Mizuki ^^;;; He even got Mizuki's laugh nailed xDD. This musical was fun because of him and Sota, so for datamen's a sure get <3
Fuji Yuuta: KENN

KENN is the current lead singer of the band The NaB's who sang Wake Up Your Heart from Yu-Gi-Oh!. He only joined them in 2003 as a keyboardist and vocalist, so not all of the NaB's albums has him as the lead singer. He was also a lead seiyuu in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX and was also casted in Air Gear and Yonna in the Solitary Fortress.

I LOVE KENN. I am so in love with him <3. I first knew him in the Wake Up Your Heart PV and was surprised to see him acting as Yuuta. Ah~ I'm swooning -_-;. Anyway, he has a good voice, he's very flexible (can know) and can enjoy a good laugh (You should see him when he grins so widely x_X *dying already*) Fine...I'll stop ranting already -_-;
Akazawa Yoshirou: Aoki Kenji

I do not know much about this guy. I tried researching about him, but his name is so common ^^; Anyway, even if I don't know anything about him, I still like Aoki-san as Akazawa. Who knew Akazawa had that hidden geekiness in him xD. He likes...umm...improvising his lines ^^ (ad-libbing as he confessed in MTL backstage) and can make any situation really funny xD. He wasn't originally dark, you know...must have used either too much make-up or tanning cream for the sake of looking like Akazawa >.<
Yanagisawa Shinya: Shinoda Mitsuyoshi

Shinoda-san seemed to be a pretty much accomplished actor, since his profile page in Japanese webpages are so full of projects ^^ He was in movies like Scratch!, Pray (I think this is a horror movie? ^^;;) and TV series like Lipstick, TEAM, FLY, and lots of commercials. It's so many I can't enumerate all x_X;

Dane! Shinoda is the perfect Yanagisawa. I don't think anyone can do better. Even his facial espressions match xDD. His exaggerated actions might be overdone but it's still funny - and that's what's important ne? Entertainment ^^
Kaneda Ichirou: Ohtake Yuuki

Ohtake-kun is a member of the idol group Jamming Flow with Shiozawa Hidemasa (Mizuki). Since he's so young (16 years old), he hasn't got much accompllishments on his back yet, but he will definitely be popular ^_^

I noticed Ohtake-san more in the backstage clips of MTL. He seems like a really nice person x_X; so shy~ I wanna hug him <3. His performance as Kaneda wasn't really convincing, since the Kaneda in the anime and the one he portrayed are entirely different. His seems kinda...soft? But still, I love this guy ^^...Wait...I love everyone in St. Rudolph...right? -_-;
Kisarazu Atsushi: Katou Ryousuke

Ah...I haven't found anything on this guy. I just know that MTL was his debut performance on stage.

I expected Kisarazu to be dominated by Yanagisawa in MTL. After all, Yanagisawa is noisy xD. But still, Katou-chin (as Sota calls him) has his own little way of being conspicuous in the musical ^^ His crack makes me laugh (like the imitate-Mizuki's-laugh thingy). ^^