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Tennis no Oujisama the Musical 2

Musical Tennis no Oujisama - Remarkable First Match Fudomine (ミュージカル テニスの王子様 Remarkable First Match 不動峰)


This is the second part of the Tennis no Oujisama musical series. It includes the matches from the District Level Tournament (Seigaku vs Fudomine). It started its shows on December 2003 for Tokyo and January 2004 for Osaka. Since I only watched this musical online and didn't have the DVD, I can only provide very meager info on this.

Cast: Seigaku

Echizen Ryoma: Kimeru

On the night of December 14, 2003, 2 weeks before the showing of the 2nd musical, Yanagi was involved in a car accident and was hospitalized. There was little news of what happened but it was said that he was in a coma for 2 weeks and his right arm and right side of torso underwent acute paralysis. Because of the sudden occurrence, Kimeru was placed as Echizen (maybe since Kimeru is the nearest possible Echizen among those in the cast).

Kimeru was okay as Echizen. He seems a bit loud though, with his singing I mean. His fanservice with Momo-sempai was funny ^^. All in all, I think Kimeru was better at being Fuji-ish. He looks internally evil? XDD Kidding. Sumimasen for the images -_- He was Fuji in that image and I'm too lazy to look up a pic of him as Echizen, esp. since official sites won't let the reposting of their images anywhere...
Tezuka Kunimitsu: Takigawa Eiji

Takigawa Eiji started as a commercial model for an energy drink (I'm not sure, but I think it's Lipovitan?) in 2002. After that, he's been in many CMs before being hailed as the stern Tezuka Kunimitsu. He starred in another stageplay (the name eludes me) and has released a DVD called Treasure of Age (or Eiji) that was produced by Marvelous Entertainment). It was also surprising to know that he finished law from Kounan University at Kobe before he became a commercial icon.

More sexy TakiEiji. Even if he still can't dance, I still love him <3
Fuji Syusuke: Nagayama Takashi

Since Kime was chosen abruptly to act as Echizen, someone else need to fill in his position, ne? Nagayama Takashi who was initially Kikumaru in the second showing of TeniMyu became Fuji. Since his performance here does injustice to his performance as Kikumaru, I won't discuss any info on him here and will do so in those musical where he acted as Kiku-chan ^^

I still think Kime was better off as Fuji. Nagayan was...what...hyper? I don't know. It just didn't click to me as Fuji-ish. I like NAgayama and everything but maybe being Fuji just isn't his thing ^^ Err...again, sorry for the image. I found a pic of him as Fuji but I can't locate it in my harddrives -_-;;;
Inui Sadaharu: Aoyama Sota

Aoyama Sota seems to be not in the limelight before he joined the cast as the dataman Inui Sadaharu. Most of his projects were after his participation in the Musical Prince of Tennis. I haven't really checked his background but it is said that he starts in the mini movie "Holyland" (2005), Ultraman Max (?) (2005) and Death Note (2006). I think in Ultraman he's the Ultraman in human form o_o; (Kaito). He's Touta Matsuda in Death Note Live Action.

Yay! More Sota ^_^
Kaidoh Kaoru: Gomoto Naoya

Nothing much is known about Gomoto Naoya (or it's just me ^^;). He's really jolly, but when he's Kaidoh Kaoru, he's really into it 8O. He even "fushuus" absently when in backstage. He's casted as a seiyuu in Eyeshield 21 (as Seijuurou Shin).

Nao-chan is fun, too ^^. <-- trying to think of stuff to type here
Trivia: The bangs under his bandana is really fake o_o;; as we will find out in one of his dialogues with Momoshiro in DL1 ^^
Momoshiro Takeshi: Moriyama Eiji

Moriyama Eiji is a member of *pnish*, a group of stage actors, with Oishi's actor Tsuchiya. He's also a seiyuu in Prince of Tennis (Ibu Shinji) before he joined the TeniMyu Cast. He has not only been in Tenimyu but in other musicals as well such as One Piece and Bleach Rock Musical (as Abarai Renji). He's the perfect Momoshiro, in looks, singing, dialogues, and even movements ^^.

MoriEiji did a little fanservice here with Kime (Echizen) when they played as a doubles pair. It's really funny...and it lifted the spirits of MomoRyo fans everywhere ^_^
Oishi Syuichiroh: Tsuchiya Yuichi

"Hi! Tuti desu~" is probably Tuti's (his nickname) slogan ^_^. He's a member of *pnish*, a group of stage actors, with Moriyama Eiji and has participated in a number of musicals. He's in Bleach Rock musical and in One Piece Musical. Although his hair looks like "it-must-have-been-hard-to-be-Oishi," he's the perfect Oishi in terms of dancing, attitude, and chemistry with Kikumaru ^_^

Same as always ^_^
Kikumaru Eiji: Ichitarou

Ichitarou came back to fill in the position of Kikumaru that Nagayan left. His performance was okay as always. ^^

At this time, I think he was called urgently to play Kikumaru and he must be really stressed x_X; Especially since he has his own drama (Waterboys).
Kawamura Takashi: Yoshitsugu Abe

I do not know much about Abe-san. I only know that he's a local stage actor ^^; He's in Les Miserables. In the run of TeniMyu 1, Abe became busy with Les Miserables so Morimoto Ryoji took over his role as Kawamura. I have no info on Morimoto RYoji atm. In the Tenimyu 1 DVD, Abe-san plays Kawamura.

Yay! More Abe ^^ Without Kimeru...there seems to be little TakaFuji insinuations?
Horio Satoshi: Ishibashi Yusuke

I do not have any info on this guy. I just know that he's a good Horio minus the annoying noise ^^. Well, generally, the Ichinen trio are very important in the musicals since they tell the story and give most of the comic relief ^^
Mizuno Katsuo: Hotta Masaharu

I don't know, but this guy always seem to be the butt of jokes. In backstage specials, everyone likes rubbing their hands on his head (maybe cos it's ticklish? o_o) and people always spoof him (ahem... KENN). ^^ He's really funny tho xDD.
Katou Kachiro: Toyonaga Toshiyuki

You may recognize this guy having small roles in movies like Battle Royale II and Densha Otoko Live Action. He is also a seiyuu, having voiced in Battle Royale TV and in Prince of Tennis OVA and Movie as Aoi Kentarou ^_^.

Hmm... all I know is that he's very Kachiro-like. Like...cutey Kachiro-like... ^^;

Cast : Fudomine Chuu

Tachibana Kippei: Sugawara Takuma

Sugawara is better known as Sazer Gans in ChoSei Shin Gransazer, a sentai series, I think? He also had a cameo role in Cutie Honey the movie. Presently, he's acting with Nagayama (Kikumaru actor) and Aiba Hiroki (Fuji actor) in stage play Switch.
Ibu Shinji: Konishi Hiroki

I know Konishi as a seiyuu in School Rumble (Karasuma Ooji) and Sugar Sugar Rune (Pierre). He was also in the Hunter x Hunter play (Hunter x Hunter : A Longing for Phalcnothdk) as Kuroro Lucifer. There's another series he's in (GARO: Saviour in the Dark), but I do not know much about it.

I like Konishi-san as Ibu. It's so much fun ^^. It's even funnier when he and MoriEiji (Momo) clashes, since we all know that MoriEiji is Ibu's seiyuu in the anime xD. For more Shinji - Momo clashes, you can view my useless rants in DL1. ^^
Kamio Akira: Matsui Yasuyuki

No comment as of yet.
Ishida Tetsu: Miyano Mamoru

Miyano-san is very busy these days. ^^ so many projects XDD. Aside from being Ishida in Tenimyu, he also acted as Izumi Tomoya, the guy Momo and Echizen played against (from Gyokurin). It's been a running joke when people ask him, "Weren't you from Gyokurin?" xD. It's also interesting to know that he's a seiyuu. These are his roles, and my comments xDD...
- Harry Potter 1 & 2 : Percy Weasley (I was like... OMG?!?)
- Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 : Riku
- Eyeshield 21 : Haruto Sakuraba
- Gakuen Alice : Noda-sensei (o_o;)
- Ouran Koukou Host Club : Tamaki Suou (This is like...WTF?! That vain, brainless, rich kid is Mamo-chan?!?!)
- Wolf's Rain : Kiba
- Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX : Abidos the 3rd (well...he and KENN (yuuta) sees each other often ^^)

I love Mamo-chan. I lurrrvvveeee Mamo-chan ^^. The usual unnoticeable Ishida is now often noticed because of his antics. Also...he's one of the reason for the resurrection of Ishida x Sakurai love! fun fun...
Sakurai Masaya: Takagi Shun

Shun Takagi has been known as a seiyuu in Meine Liebe (Tilk), School Rumble (Ganji Nishimoto). I think he's also in Cinepuri as Sakurai, too.

Hahaha! The other end of Ishida x Sakurai love <3. I like him too. I'm glad I'll be seeing him in Cinepuri. I wish he'd bring humor there, too xD.