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Tennis no Oujisama the Musical DL1

Musical Tennis no Oujisama - Dream Live 1st (ミュージカル テニスの王子様 Dream Live 1st )


Dream Live 1st, to others, is a concert where the actors review the songs they sang in the 2 previous musicals. However, it's easier to count it as part of the musical series to avoid confusion. It is shown in Tokyo on June 2004. For me, DLs are like treats for the fans. They not only get to interact with the actors (like shout their names), they also get to bring lightsticks and rave with the songs. (Plus you get to see the regulars outside their uniforms and cajoling each other ^^).

Cast: Seigaku

Echizen Ryoma: Endou Yuuya

Due to Yanagi Koutarou's long term therapy because of his accident (see Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine for more info), the cast introduced the new Echizen Ryoma, Endou Yuuya. Endou is a child star (?) and is a part of D-BOYS with Yanagi. He's a bit taller than Yanagi (168cm) but nevertheless fitting as Echizen. Aside from Tenimyu, he's also done a number of other works, namely a movie, Juvenile (2000), TV series like Yasha (2000 and he was still a cute little lad xDD), Churasan, Minimoni de Bremen no Ongaku-tai (2004), Medaka (2005), and Rocket Boys (2006, where he stars with Yanagi). He likes pro-wrestling and collecting sneakers. ^^

When the Seigaku cast introduced Endou as the new Echizen, my heart sank. I thought Yanagi was forever gone xD. But then, I was comforted. Endou proved to be nothing less than Yanagi. He can sing (a little? ^^), dance, and act. He was also fun and was not a mere shadow of Yanagi's performance. Hontou ni, a promising Echizen Ryoma with his own style ^^.
Tezuka Kunimitsu: Takigawa Eiji

Takigawa Eiji started as a commercial model for an energy drink (I'm not sure, but I think it's Lipovitan?) in 2002. After that, he's been in many CMs before being hailed as the stern Tezuka Kunimitsu. He starred in another stageplay (the name eludes me) and has released a DVD called Treasure of Age (or Eiji) that was produced by Marvelous Entertainment). It was also surprising to know that he finished law from Kounan University at Kobe before he became a commercial icon.

TakiEiji is in his best form in DL1. He sings okay and dances okay, and flirts with Kime a little xDD. But what is really funny is how he makes effort to make everyone notice him (I can't explain xD You really should watch!). Also, his erm... 'grade school' picture in Inui's data is really fuuuuun... even Kaidoh laughed -.^
Fuji Syusuke: Kimeru

Kime is back as Fuji Syusuke. It was fun because there's more gayness songs that were originally sung by Kime as Fuji (Musical 1) was revived well. It was funny when Konishi (Ibu) came to guest in the concert, he asked "Echizen had an image shift?" (since Echizen=Kimeru in FudoMyu).

Well, aside from Fuji's gayness and all, Kimeru is okay ^^. A bit over-acting, but that's where all the fun lies xDD.
Inui Sadaharu: Aoyama Sota

Aoyama Sota seems to be not in the limelight before he joined the cast as the dataman Inui Sadaharu. Most of his projects were after his participation in the Musical Prince of Tennis. I haven't really checked his background but it is said that he starts in the mini movie "Holyland" (2005), Ultraman Max (?) (2005) and Death Note (2006). I think in Ultraman he's the Ultraman in human form o_o; (Kaito). He's Touta Matsuda in Death Note Live Action.

Sota is teh crack in this Dream Live xDD. Aside from pressing the fact that he has too little exposure, he treats us with 'stolen' shots of the regulars xDD. Cuteness ensues! <3
Kaidoh Kaoru: Gomoto Naoya

Nothing much is known about Gomoto Naoya (or it's just me ^^;). He's really jolly, but when he's Kaidoh Kaoru, he's really into it 8O. He even "fushuus" absently when in backstage. He's casted as a seiyuu in Eyeshield 21 (as Seijuurou Shin).

The one thing I enjoyed about Nao-chan in this Live is his verbal fight with MoriEiji (Momoshiro). Now the secret of his bangs was revealed...and how he messes up in the previous musicals ^^; Poor Poor Nao-chan. Still, at least he has a solo... xDDD
Momoshiro Takeshi: Moriyama Eiji

Moriyama Eiji is a member of *pnish*, a group of stage actors, with Oishi's actor Tsuchiya. He's also a seiyuu in Prince of Tennis (Ibu Shinji) before he joined the TeniMyu Cast. He has not only been in Tenimyu but in other musicals as well such as One Piece. He's the perfect Momoshiro, in looks, singing, dialogues, and even movements ^^.

MoriEiji is too comfortable to be Momoshiro xD. He fanservices with Kaidoh, he teases Kimeru and his gayness, and dances away as if no one cares xD. So much fun. He also brought out the fact that Ibu is teh best (mainly cos...he's Ibu in the anime ^^;).
Oishi Syuichiroh: Tsuchiya Yuichi

"Hi! Tuti desu~" is probably Tuti's (his nickname) slogan ^_^. He's a member of *pnish*, a group of stage actors, with Moriyama Eiji and has participated in a number of musicals. He's in Bleach Rock musical and in One Piece Musical. Although his hair looks like "it-must-have-been-hard-to-be-Oishi," he's the perfect Oishi in terms of dancing, attitude, and chemistry with Kikumaru ^_^

I loved Tuti best in this part. Well, that's because of the golden pair love that ensued. He makes really funny comments and reactions. Tuti is Tuti it's expected that his noisy nature will come out of Oishi eventually ^^;;
Kikumaru Eiji: Nagayama Takashi

Nagayama Takashi is involved in lots of stage perfomances aside from TeniMyu like Rock'N Jam Musical, Bleach Rock Musical (as Hitsugaya) and When You Press the Switch (not sure about the title). He's also in several J-TV dramas like Fantasma: Noroi no yakata, Tennen Shoujo Man Next: Yokohama Hyaku-ya Hen and Another Heaven Eclipse. He has his own line of clothing and accessories named Blossam.

I like Nagayan. I don't only like him as Kikumaru, I like him as Hitsugaya as well. I just don't like him as Fuji. He and Fuji just don' ^^. Well, as Kikumaru, it's different. He's really bouncy and happy and...well...anything Kikumaru. I'm glad he can cartwheel around the same way Kiku-chan does and at the same time flirt with Oishi. I think he's the best Kikumaru ever, although some other people might have other thoughts about it. ^^ Maa~ who cares who likes who anyway =P
Kawamura Takashi: Yoshitsugu Abe

I do not know much about Abe-san. I only know that he's a local stage actor ^^; He's in Les Miserables. In the run of TeniMyu 1, Abe became busy with Les Miserables so Morimoto Ryoji took over his role as Kawamura. I have no info on Morimoto RYoji atm. In the Tenimyu 1 DVD, Abe-san plays Kawamura.

Abe-san finally let out Kawamura's sentiments of having less limelight than the others xD. People should watch the kira-kira event with him and Inui ^^;;. Also, he's nonetheless powerful and burning!! than ever. Sometimes I wonder how he can jump around and sing and run like that...
Horio Satoshi: Ishibashi Yusuke

I do not have any info on this guy. I just know that he's a good Horio minus the annoying noise ^^. Well, generally, the Ichinen trio are very important in the musicals since they tell the story and give most of the comic relief ^^
Mizuno Katsuo: Hotta Masaharu

I don't know, but this guy always seem to be the butt of jokes. In backstage specials, everyone likes rubbing their hands on his head (maybe cos it's ticklish? o_o) and people always spoof him (ahem... KENN). ^^ He's really funny tho xDD.
Katou Kachiro: Toyonaga Toshiyuki

You may recognize this guy having small roles in movies like Battle Royale II and Densha Otoko Live Action. He is also a seiyuu, having voiced in Battle Royale TV and in Prince of Tennis OVA and Movie as Aoi Kentarou ^_^.

Hmm... all I know is that he's very Kachiro-like. Like...cutey Kachiro-like... ^^;

Cast : Other

Ibu Shinji: Konishi Hiroki

I know Konishi as a seiyuu in School Rumble (Karasuma Ooji) and Sugar Sugar Rune (Pierre). He was also in the Hunter x Hunter play (Hunter x Hunter : A Longing for Phalcnothdk) as Kuroro Lucifer. There's another series he's in (GARO: Saviour in the Dark), but I do not know much about it.

Another funny side of Ibu Shinji was in Dream Live ^^. He was a special guest and did a solo (kakkoi..). He then forwarded a message from Tachibana (ahahah!) and as usual, ignored Momoshiro ^^;; He has a good voice (nasal tho?) and does he keep a stony expression like that amidst the rowdy cast? ^^
Echizen Nanjiroh: Yukio Ueshima

He appeared again (for short whiles only tho) as the overprotective dad of Ryoma ^^;