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Tennis no Oujisama the Musical 4

Musical Tennis no Oujisama in Winter - Side Yamabuki feat. St. Rudolph (ミュージカル テニスの王子様 in winter 2004-2005 side 山吹 feat. St Rudolph )


This is the sixth of the musical series Tennis no Oujisama. After the graduation of the first Seigaku cast in the previous musical (Side Fudomine - Special Match -), a new cast (mostly composed of D-BOYS) was introduced here. The new cast were younger, less experienced in some areas but nevertheless skilled. This is their debut and their chance of proving they are as good as the former batch. This musical encompassed the tournament between Seigaku and Yamabuki, including flashbacks from the previous St. Rudolph match with Seigaku. It was shown on January 2005 for both Osaka and Tokyo.

Cast: Seigaku

Echizen Ryoma: Endou Yuuya

Due to Yanagi Koutarou's long term therapy because of his accident (see Remarkable 1st Match Fudomine for more info), the cast introduced the new Echizen Ryoma, Endou Yuuya. Endou is a child star (?) and is a part of D-BOYS with Yanagi. He's a bit taller than Yanagi (168cm) but nevertheless fitting as Echizen. Aside from Tenimyu, he's also done a number of other works, namely a movie, Juvenile (2000), TV series like Yasha (2000 and he was still a cute little lad xDD), Churasan, Minimoni de Bremen no Ongaku-tai (2004), Medaka (2005), and Rocket Boys (2006, where he stars with Yanagi). He likes pro-wrestling and collecting sneakers. ^^

Endou is once again Echizen in this musical. Apparently he got used to the musical, and is more comfortable with dancing and singing. He probably served as the guide for the new cast, so his aura here is a little more ... dominant? Which is just fitting for someone playing Ryoma ^^
Tezuka Kunimitsu: Shirota Yuu

Shirota Yuu is a member of Watanabe Entertainment's D-BOYS. He has been in dramas such as Hice Cool and Rocket Boys. He's also Mamoru in the SailorMoon Stage Musical. ^^;; Err...what else...hmmm

Although I love TakiEiji so so much, I have to admit that Shirota is a fitting Tezuka. His looks are okay (nice hair! <3), he sings and dances well. In short, he's a good Tezuka. Although he's so rowdy in backstage clips x_X
Fuji Syusuke: Aiba Hiroki

Aiba Hiroki was once a member of a street dance group named BRIGHTS (2003) under active-project. He has been casted in some (horror) movies -_-l like Kwaidan and Okaruto Tantei-dan (Occult Club). He has been casted in another stage play, When You Press the Switch with Nagayama Takashi (former Kikumaru). I don't know if that's the correct title -_-. He was, I think, also a product from JUNON SUPER BOY Contest ^^;;. He is planned to release a best actor series album (tenimyu) as Fuji Syusuke around June-July 2006.

Okay, before I start...lemme give a warning...I am a total Aiba fangirl! As in...I would hitch a ride to Japan just to see him. I think Aiba is the perfect Fuji (fangirling starting now..). He's quiet when he needs to be, and rowdy when at ease. He sings okay (of course...who can beat Kimeru) and but he dances amazingly (well...he was a streetdancer -_-). It's true that he is kinda too tall for Fuji and he has long legs x_X but he masks it with his dancing and well-delivered dialogues. I like the way he did Tsubame Gaeshi and Higuma Otoshi. He made it look easy x_X;; But what I like about him best is his Fuji look and Fuji smile...simply sinister (don't get me wrong...I think he's nice in real life ^^;;) Okay, so much for rants...
Inui Sadaharu: Araki Hirofumi

Araki Hirofumi is another one of the D-BOYS. He's on a movie entitled June Bride with Shirota Yuu. He is also to appear in a drama The Hit Parade (May 2006).

At first, I didn't like Araki. I mean...he's totally different from Inui. His Inui looks arrogant - very? But after a while, I've come to like this guy. He's utterly cute in the backstage clips x_X and he sings well (Inui has a long song number at last!). It's surprising how much make-up can change his personality into someone so arrogant when in reality he is just...cute ^_^
Kaidoh Kaoru: Kujirai Kousuke

Kujirai is another member of the D-BOYS. He performed the 2nd opening song of the anime Get Ride! Amdriver (TV). He was lso a seiyuu cast in the said anime as Jenath Dira.

When I saw Kujirai-san's picture in an independent blog, I was wondering how he could be Kaidoh. He looks so...kind? Especially when he goes all smily-smily <3. But when I watched him o_o... he's pretty good. Although sometimes, he forgets that he is Kaidoh and sings on a little bit higher note, he catches up well and maintains his Kaidoh-ic composure ^_^
Momoshiro Takeshi: Kaji Masaki

Kaji-san is a member of the D-BOYS (again? ^^;). He's in a few dramas like The Hit Parade and Seishun Energy.

Kaji-san is so hyper as Momo he seems more burning! than Kawamura ^^;;He's an okay Momo, though I still yearn for MoriEiji's style. Still, I enjoyed Momo's numbers and I hope he will get to run around more and sing more (just a little practice to perfect ^^).
Oishi Syuichiroh: Suzuki Hiroki

Another member of the D-BOYS, Zukkii participates in the drama The Hit Parade and the movie June Bride. I don't know much about him ^^;;.

As solo, I'm not that impressed with Zukkii as Oishi (considering the fact that the Oishi before him is used to stage plays). He can sing really well, but there's something lacking in terms of characterization and...hmm..charisma? But as the musicals lengthen, he proves to be quite a good Oishi after all.
As one of the golden pair, I'm impressed with Zukkii's chemistry with Adachi (Kikumaru). I think it's because they're both D-BOYS? But still, their combination is good, even better sometimes than Tuti-Nagayan.
Kikumaru Eiji: Adachi Osamu

I only know Adachin as an actor in a web drama named Boku to Kanojo to XXX. It's from the manga is the same title. He is also in the D-BOYS web drama Hice Cool. He debuted as an actor in Glay's PV of the song White Road.

Hmm...I first noticed that Adachi, also a D-BOY, was too lanky and too tall to be Kikumaru. I started to be afraid for him since I thought he will have difficulty as Kikumaru. However, it seems that I got afraid for no reason? He seems to be comfortable as Kikumaru, although he portrayed a less cheerful and less cartwheeling Kikumaru ^^.
Kawamura Takashi: Kotani Yoshikazu

Kotani-san, another D-BOY, has had roles in several dramas and commercials. He was Tooji Majima in Kamen Rider Agito. He also appeared in movies such as TKO Hiphop (docu) and Ruri no Shima. I heard he was 6th in the Junon Super Boy Contest xD. I think he had more appearances but I have no idea about that for now ^^;

Yay! Another pretty boy ^_^. I was happy to see that Kawamura now is so cute <3 Although I worried for a bit because he seems so kind and timid... I was wondering how he would carry himself as Taka-san. It was okay, although he seems so tired sometimes, and his voice hoarse from shouting too much ^^. It's good to see how he puts in effort to put in a good show, and that alone makes anyone appreciate him ^^.
Horio Satoshi: Ishibashi Yusuke

Same as always, it's a treat to watch the Ichinen trio's antics ^-^
Mizuno Katsuo: Hotta Masaharu

I don't know, but this guy always seem to be the butt of jokes. In backstage specials, everyone likes rubbing their hands on his head (maybe cos it's ticklish? o_o) and people always spoof him (ahem... KENN). ^^ He's really funny tho xDD.
Katou Kachiro: Toyonaga Toshiyuki

You may recognize this guy having small roles in movies like Battle Royale II and Densha Otoko Live Action. He is also a seiyuu, having voiced in Battle Royale TV and in Prince of Tennis OVA and Movie as Aoi Kentarou ^_^.

All I know is that Kachiro looks cute in a maid costume o_O

Cast : St. Rudolph Gakuen

Fuji Yuuta: KENN

KENN is the current lead singer of the band The NaB's who sang Wake Up Your Heart from Yu-Gi-Oh!. He only joined them in 2003 as a keyboardist and vocalist, so not all of the NaB's albums has him as the lead singer. He was also a lead seiyuu in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX and was also casted in Air Gear and Yonna in the Solitary Fortress.

I LOVE KENN. My ranting ensues... This pretty boy is not on the spotlight much compared to the previous musical, but he nonetheless performs well. His moment with the Rudolph boys is priceless. ^^ (I was talking about that time Fuji calls him on his cellphone).
Akazawa Yoshirou: Aoki Kenji

I do not know much about this guy. I tried researching about him, but his name is so common ^^; Anyway, even if I don't know anything about him, I still like Aoki-san as Akazawa. Who knew Akazawa had that hidden geekiness in him xD. He likes...umm...improvising his lines ^^ (ad-libbing as he confessed in MTL backstage) and can make any situation really funny xD. He wasn't originally dark, you know...must have used either too much make-up or tanning cream for the sake of looking like Akazawa >.<
Yanagisawa Shinya: Shinoda Mitsuyoshi

Shinoda-san seemed to be a pretty much accomplished actor, since his profile page in Japanese webpages are so full of projects ^^ He was in movies like Scratch!, Pray (I think this is a horror movie? ^^;;) and TV series like Lipstick, TEAM, FLY, and lots of commercials. It's so many I can't enumerate all x_X;

Dane! Shinoda is the perfect Yanagisawa. I don't think anyone can do better. Even his facial espressions match xDD. His exaggerated actions might be overdone but it's still funny - and that's what's important ne? Entertainment ^^
Kaneda Ichirou: Ohtake Yuuki

Ohtake-kun is a member of the idol group Jamming Flow with Shiozawa Hidemasa (Mizuki). Since he's so young (16 years old), he hasn't got much accompllishments on his back yet, but he will definitely be popular ^_^

I noticed Ohtake-san more in the backstage clips of MTL. He seems like a really nice person x_X; so shy~ I wanna hug him <3. His performance as Kaneda wasn't really convincing, since the Kaneda in the anime and the one he portrayed are entirely different. His seems kinda...soft? But still, I love this guy ^^...Wait...I love everyone in St. Rudolph...right? -_-;
Kisarazu Atsushi: Katou Ryousuke

Ah...I haven't found anything on this guy. I just know that MTL was his debut performance on stage.

I expected Kisarazu to be dominated by Yanagisawa in MTL. After all, Yanagisawa is noisy xD. But still, Katou-chin (as Sota calls him) has his own little way of being conspicuous in the musical ^^ His crack makes me laugh (like the imitate-Mizuki's-laugh thingy). ^^

Cast : Yamabuki Chuu

Sengoku Kiyosumi: Wada Masato

Wada Masato is another one of the D-BOYS. He is involved in other stage plays like Now Loading, Tatsuya~To the Beloved One's Side. He is to appear in the Tennis no Oujisama Movie as Kintarou (it's from the manga). More info on that in the Cinepuri page ^_^

I just love Wada as Sengoku. I may not have noticed him when he hasn't started in TeniMyu, but now he's got my full attention <3. I haven't really noticed if he sings well or if he dances okay...I'm totally into his punchlines XDD. Since we all know Sengoku is another comic relief in PoT, it's nice to see that Wada is doing a good job proving it ^_^. Oh, and when he dances to the Jimi's was just hilarious xDDD
Akutsu Jin: JURI

JURI was originally a professional model for various products like Pocari Sweat. Now, after being involved in Tenimyu, he appears to start being active in the industry, having been casted as part of the stage production Bambino which stars fellow TeniMyu actors like Shinoda and MoriEiji. He is also a member of the indies band Bask in the Sun...wait...was that really Indies? ^^;;

When I looked up Juri's info on Google after seeing the flyer for BukiMyu, I was greeted by a tall sexy guy *_* But when I watched him as scary ._....Does this mean he did a good job as Akutsu? ^^;;; hahaha
Taichi Dan: Kawakubo Yuuki

He's young (14 years old) and hasn't got much achievements up his sleeve yet, but it will come ^^

MY BIAS: cute <3. He's so cute I can die x_X *forgets Aiba and KENN for a moment* Maa, he's the perfect Dan. I don't think I can say any more... WATCH. ^^
Minami Kentarou: Yazaki Hiroshi

I don't know much about him. I think he's also in a stageplay named Switch! but I haven't found any info on it.

Who knew Minami could be enjoyed this much. From the dancing to the singing to the punchlines, Yazaki-san pulled off a very enjoyable Minami ^^ Although it was a running joke not only in Myu but in anipuri as well, how inconspicuous Minami is, the audience loved him ^_^
Higashikata Masami : Hayashi Iori

Hayashi Iori is more known in his roles as a seiyuu than as an actor. He has been involved in numerous drama cds like Milk Crown no Tameiki, and Bokura no Unsei. He's a seiyuu cast in Meine Liebe, Prince of Tennis, (as one of the other club members xD), and Time Stranger Kyoko. I think he was also in the Hunter x Hunter Musical, as a butler o_o;

Well, with Yazaki as Minami, Hayashi pulled off a good Higashikata. ^_^ You should see their dance number xD
Muromachi Touji: Yanagisawa Takahiko

Yanagisawa Takahiko has quite an elusive background? ^^ He was in Battle Royale II and I think has performed in various streetdance events.

To be honest, when I watched this myu, I can't remember Muromachi's name ^^;; But when I saw Yamabuki's number, I was awed. OMG Muromachi breakdances o_o!!! Plus, he can sing too ^^;