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tezuka kunimitsu

Seiyuu : Okiayu Ryoutarou

Seiyuu's Other Works : Mitsui Hisashi (Slam Dunk), Sohma Shigure (Fruits Basket), K (Gravitation)

Class : 3rd year class 1

Height : 178 cm

Blood Type : O

Birthday : October 7

Hobbies : mountain climbing, fishing

Favorite Food : eel soup, grilled eel

Favorite Subject : world history

Favorite Color : bluegreen (or greenblue -_-; not sure)

Hand : left

Play Style : all-rounder

Signature Techniques : Zero-Shiki Drop Shot, Tezuka Zone

Shoe Brand : Mizuno (Wave Dual Lite)

Racket Brand : Mizuno Prolight S90

About Him:

Tezuka is the present captain of Seigaku's Boys Tennis Club. He's an institution on his own: the one who helped the club get up from a series of failures. Although he never shows his feelings and doesn't even smile, he is always concerned with the team and will do anything to reach the Nationals. He believes in his teammates, especially Echizen. He firmly believes Ryoma will be the next pillar of strength for Seigaku.