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ryuuzaki sumire

Seiyuu : Okohara Shizuka

Seiyuu's Other Works :

Occupation : Seigaku Boys Tennis Club Coach

Birthday : August 8

Height : 168 cm

Blood Type : O

Hobbies : baking cakes, horseback riding (She also loves bowling)

Favorite Foods : raw yatsuhashi (sweets found in Kyoto), soy sauce rice cracker

Hand : right

Shoes : Yonex Tennis Shoes 201 (SHT 201)

Racket : Whichever team member's racket is closest to her

Skill : Continuous Ball Attack (Hore Hore Attack)

About Her:

Sumire-chan is the coach of the Seigaku Boys Tennis Club. She was also the one who trained Echizen's dad, Echizen Nanjiroh and aims to make her team the best All-Japan team. She fires up easily and bear grudges, but aside from that, she handles the team well and makes good judgment. ^^