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oishi syuichirou

Seiyuu : Kondou Takayuki

Seiyuu's Other Works : Goo Saruwatari (Godanner), Kyle (DNAngel), Hide Chiba (Starship Operators)

Class : 3rd year class 2

Height : 175 cm

Blood Type : O

Birthday : April 30

Hobbies : visiting aquariums, swimming (he also likes bowling)

Favorite Food : kushiage (Japanese shish-kebabs), clam soup, pears

Favorite Subject : English

Favorite Color : white

Hand : right

Play Style : counter puncher

Signature Techniques : Moon Volley, Spin Serve

Shoe Brand : Nike Lady Air Zoom Sterling (Again, women's shoes -_-)

Racket Brand : Wimbledon Tour Merit (it's 40,000 yen o_o!)

About Him:

As the vice captain of Seigaku, Oishi seems to carry more worries for the team compared to Tezuka. He is fondly called the mother of Seigaku. Although he seems always anxious about everyone, he is perfectly calm during his matches. It's that trait of his which allowed him and the acrobatic Kikumaru to be one of the most successful doubles pairs in the Junior High Tournament. They form the Golden Pair, and is one of the famous doubles in the country. Calm and determined, Oishi gets stronger when met up with opponents that give him much pressure. ^_^