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momoshiro takeshi

Seiyuu : Onosaka Masaya

Seiyuu's Other Works : Keroberos (big) (Card Captor Sakura), Vash the Stampede (Trigun), Mihara Ichirou (Angelic Layer)

Class : 2nd year class 8

Height : 170 cm

Blood Type : O

Birthday : July 23

Hobbies : listening to music, shooting games, sports that involve movement

Favorite Food : cheese burger, puripuri kokoparufe (chocolate parfait)

Favorite Subject : mathematics

Favorite Color : red

Hand : right

Play Style : agressive baseliner

Signature Techniques : Dunk Smash, Jack Knife, Bullet Serve, Momoshiro Special Super Dunk Smash (-_-0)

Shoe Brand : Puma Aspiration

Racket Brand : Mizuno Prolight PT10 Hyper (on the link is Tezuka's racket. Their rackets hve slight differences in color, and probably tension,etc but I can't find a good pic of Momo's)

About Him:

Momoshiro may seem like a happy-go-lucky guy at first, biking around while singing a Morning Musume song, pigging out in a fast food chain with the gang, and watching movies that make him cry. However, his passion doesn't end there. He gets worked up easily, sometimes his temper leading him to danger, but his strength also rivals this passion. He didn't get the nickname "Powerhouse of Seigaku" for nothing. He gets along with everyone well, except Kaidoh and Atobe ( a point). Rumors say he has a thing for An, Tachibana (Fudomine's) sister...or is it the other way around? XD