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kawamura takashi

Seiyuu : Kawamoto Naru

Seiyuu's Other Works : GB (Ginga Desetsu Weed), Katagiri (Zipang)

Class : 3rd year class 4

Height : 183 cm

Blood Type : A

Birthday : November 8

Hobbies : polishing and sharpening kitchen knives (-_-)

Favorite Food : mishitake mushroom soup, fish roe rice bowls

Favorite Subject : mathematics

Favorite Color : aqua blue

Hand : right

Play Style : agressive baselines

Signature Techniques : Burning Serve, Two-Hand Hadoukyuu, Dash Hadoukyuu

Shoe Brand : Asics Gel Stroke (the image is Asics Gel Ground Stroke)

Racket Brand : Dunlop Rimbreed XL

About Him:

Without the racket, Kawamura is the typical nervous quiet guy. With the racket, he an overly energetic player. Like Momoshiro, he relies greatly on power, and is good at power tennis. His family ons a sushi shop, which is always invaded by the Seigaku Tennis Club members whenever they win a game. After graduating from junior high, he plans on stopping from playing and start getting serious in sushi-trade.