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kaidoh kaoru

Seiyuu : Kiyasu Kouhei

Seiyuu's Other Works : Soushi Minashiro (Soukyuu no Fafner), Makunouchi Ippo (Hajime no Ippo), Daichi Fuwa (Whistle!)

Class : 2nd year class 7

Height : 173 cm

Blood Type : B

Birthday : May 11

Hobbies : marathon, collecting bandanas

Favorite Food : cold yam soba, yogurt, 100% fruit juice

Favorite Subject : English

Favorite Color : green

Hand : right

Play Style : counter puncher

Signature Techniques : Snake, Boomerang Snake

Shoe Brand : Puma Cell Factor

Racket Brand : Head Ti S7

About Him:

Ssshhh...That was Kaidoh's fighting err..hiss xD. He's fierce-looking and aloof and is sometimes hard to get along with because of his temper, but this guy is really determinedly compassionate deep inside and has affinity with animals...especially Karupin. He doesn't like showing his charming side to anyone, though. He'd rather scare the hell out of people ^^;;. He's very athletic, his practice menu tripled than normal. He has high endurance on everything, except when dealing with his eternal rival Momoshiro ^_^.