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fuji syusuke

Seiyuu : Yuki Kaida

Seiyuu's Other Works : Kurapica (Hunter x Hunter), Leon Geeste (Star Ocean: The Second Story), Himura Kenji (Rurouni Kenshin)

Class : 3rd year class 6

Height : 167 cm

Blood Type : B

Birthday : February 29

Hobbies : collecting cacti, photography (he also likes playing billards)

Favorite Food : cajun foods, spicy ramen (he also likes wasabi sushi)

Favorite Subject : classical literature

Favorite Color : tan

Hand : right

Play Style : counter puncher

Signature Techniques : Disappearing Serve, Tsubame Gaeshi, Higuma Otoshi, Hakugei, Kagerou Zutsumi

Shoe Brand : Nike Lady Air Biscayne (these are ladies' shoes, and I don't know why Fuji wears them)

Racket Brand : Prince Michael Chang Titanium (this is the racket Mizuki was talking about in their match)

About Him:

Fuji is the so-called tensai because he rarely shows his weaknesses to anyone. He was said to be the second strongest in Seigaku, next to Tezuka. He's mostly cool and doesn't take his matches seriously unless pressured. He has a severe brother complex xD, as he is always worried about his brother Yuuta (who is in St. Rudolph). Although he's cheerful and considerate, sometimes, he really enjoys seeing people tormented...very twisted. ^_^;