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echizen ryoma

Seiyuu : Minagawa Junko

Seiyuu's Other Works : Shugo (.hack//legend of the twilight), Aoyagi Ritsuka (Loveless), Ayaka Yukihiro (Mahou Sensei Negima)

Class : 1st year class 2

Height : 151 cm

Blood Type : O

Birthday : December 24

Hobbies : trying out different Japanese hot spring bath salts in his bath

Favorite Food : yabi-sakana (grilled fish), ebi-senbei (shrimp crackers), steamed egg

Favorite Subject : science (although English is his best subject)

Favorite Color : silver

Hand : left but can play with both (ambidextrous/nitouryuu)

Play Style : all-rounder

Signature Techniques : Twist Serve, Drive A, Drive B, One-Foot Split Step, Cyclone Smash, Stuttered Step

Shoe Brand : FILA Mark Philippousis Version
Note: Mark Philippousis is an Australian player. On the link is a pic of him and his shoes ^^;

Racket Brand : Bridgestone Dynabeam Grandea

About Him:

Echizen Ryoma is a first year junior high school student in Seigaku. He came from America, where he already won four Junior Championships in a row. He is the son of the famed former tennis pro, Echizen Nanjirou, an alumnus of Seigaku. He is a natural genius and rivals the skills of his teammates older than him. He is a bit arrogant but has a soft side for Karupin (his cat) and his teammates.